for ALL the MUMS that RUN


Our beautiful RUNMUMS communities are female only places, where our like minded women share their love and passion for running !

At RUNMUMS it’s not all about how fast you go, or what time you get, it’s about building lasting friendships, that foster encouragement and well-being.

RUNMUMS is a not-for-profit organisation.

At RUNMUMS all the income generated directly supports our existing groups and is also used for the development of other RUNMUMS groups and courses.

RUNMUMS limited has NO shareholders.

Join our FREE fun local courses that take you from being a running zero to running hero in just a few weeks!

When you are comfortable running it’s time to move on to one of our vibrant local running groups, RUNMUMS For All.

These FREE sessions are designed to mix things up and are for all running abilities making every session a fun, social, safe and motivating get together!

Our local facebook groups are friendly female only area’s for runners to help support and motivate each other.