RUNMUMS Personalised Training

Can’t find a class or course to suit you?

RUNMUMS provides structured one to one running training for women.

This is achieved through individually tailoring training programs that help you reach your own personal goals, losing weight, improving your overall fitness or reaching a goal in time for a race or an event such as the Race 4 Life.

We focus on educating you about your body and how to then keep fit and active independently of your personal trainer.

During each session, your trainer will guide you safely through our workouts while educating and motivating you to achieve your best.

Comprehensive fitness assessment

Prior to any programme commencement, you will be encouraged to carry out a fully comprehensive fitness appraisal covering:

measurement of height and weight to provide a Body Mass Index (BMI)
resting heart rate measurement
blood pressure measurement
bleep test to provide an indicator of your VO2Max
grip strength test

Our assessment takes approximately 1 1/2 hours and helps establish exactly where you are in terms of general health and fitness and provides benchmarks where improvements in health and fitness can then be made.

Personal discussion

We’ll discuss your current level of activity, diet and your goals and ambitions.

Personalised training programmes

All clients will then be given a personalised training schedule designed to meet your specific goals and the time you have available for training. This could incorporate a multitude of approaches to training such as walking, running, cycling, strength, endurance or flexibility training. Your RUNMUMS trainer will also offer regular advice, encouragement, and support to help achieve your goals.


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