Our RUNMUMS for All groups

Our regular FREE RUNMUMS for All sessions are the bedrock foundation of our RUNMUMS philosophy. It’s where strong lasting friendships are formed, everyone is encouraged to have fun, supporting each other along the way.

Our women only RFA sessions are completely FREE and offer flexibility so you can easily join in however hectic your schedule.  Sessions will last around an hour and offer diverse and lively group training.

Our experienced run leaders will help you reach your goals in a completely friendly and relaxed women only atmosphere.

We have sessions to suit all abilities and include an exercise mix of intervals, circuits, hills, endurance, off and on road running, and a whole lot more!

We recommended that you complete our ‘couch to 5K’ or ‘beginners to 10K’ course before moving on and joining this group.

Our RUNMUMS for ALL class includes the following

Dynamic Runners Warm-up

Running Technique Drills

Running Specific Core Stability Routines

Running Specific Strength and Conditioning

Cardio Vascular Technique Exercises

Static Stretches for Runners


For further details, time, place etc. click the button below to find your nearest RUNMUMS group