The RUNMUMS Couch to 5K, 6 week course

Our FREE Couch to 5K training course is the ideal place to start your running journey, it’s just for women and each session will last around an hour, although this will occasionally vary as the course content changes.

We start you off with lots more walking than running, but the course is designed to allow the more able members of the group to go further but nobody will get left behind.

Our RUNMUMS run leaders are there with you every step of the way.

You will get progressively fitter and faster as the weeks go by and the runs will get longer too.  At the end of the course your fitness levels will have increased and you will be able to complete the 5 kilometres with ease!

The sessions are run by our UK Athletics qualified RUNMUMS ‘Run Leaders’ and are carefully designed so that everyone in the group works as a team, having fun as we go and encouraging one another.

At the end of the course we get together and complete a class 5K run and you earn your special 5K finishers medal and certificate.

Our courses include the following content

Dynamic Runners Warm-up

Running Technique Drills

Running Specific Core Stability Routines

Running Specific Strength and Conditioning

Cardio Vascular Technique Exercises

Static Stretches for Runners


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